Benefits of CBD: Incredible Health Benefits, Side Effects & Much More

CBD or cannabidiol has raised prominence as a modern, rather flourishing, alternative form of treatment for severe anxieties, chronic pains, and many other ailments. Despite its popularity, not everyone is aware of its benefits, especially when used daily. With that said, in this article, you will learn everything there is to know about CBD, such as what it is and how it helps.

General Facts About CBD or Cannabidiol

It is the more low-key byproduct of the cannabis plant compared to its famous counterpart, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. However, whatever “high” THC induces to its users, CBD claims to do the opposite, encouraging relaxation and relief.

This compound is widely available as an addition to various products, both food and non-food because of its effects. Then again, there remains insufficient data to support the claims on CBD benefits. While its production is now being evaluated, it remains without FDA approval, except a few brand names.

What Are The Benefits of CBD?

benefits of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol has had numerous studies back up its many therapeutic claims. Its benefits range from relaxing effects to pain alleviation. Although the substance isn’t essentially FDA-approved, legislation is continually geared towards legalizing its use because CBD oil has helped many users and patients alike. Here we will breakdown all the CBD benefits into various aspects, and how the compound truly affects our body and mind.

Psychological Benefits

It may seem too good to be true for a substance to relieve anxiety, depressive episodes, and PTSD symptoms. However, that’s what CBD oil promises its users. While some studies reveal CBD’s effects as a placebo, researchers continue to work on how it may help mitigate the brain deterioration that causes Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or strokes. With that said, there are double-blind tests conducted through the Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai in New York that prove the medical potential of CBD for anxiety and depression.

Although the drug doesn’t guarantee the improvement of sleep and rest, its calming effect indeed helps with unease and disquiet. Some researchers even back the claims that the compound may alter brain receptors’ response towards serotonin. Because of this, it makes one’s mood more stable and balanced. Any improvement on the appetite can also be traced back to this effect.

Other results that may be attributed to CBD oil and other products’ use are reduced dependence on cigarette smoking, manageable substance withdrawals, and keeping the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease at bay.

Pain & Inflammation Relief

Although there are many claims regarding the many benefits of CBD, its inflammatory attributes are among the most promising.  For this reason, it was considered a potential remedy for neurodegenerative disorders. However, it is more commonly known for its pain-relieving effects. Although the effects of alleviation may be specific to the condition, the National Centers for Complementary and Integrative Health or NCCIH supports the modest claims of CBD for pain.

A review dating back to 2017 shows that patients with chronic neuropathy experienced a reduced pain sensation upon using the substance. On the other hand, a 2016 study from the National Institute of Health was conducted on an animal model. It was discovered that signs of pain and inflammation were diminished due to the subjects’ consumption of CBD oil.


As discussed in this study from the Mayo Clinic, prescribed cannabidiol or CBD has proven to be beneficial as an anti-seizure substance. In fact, its treatment and alleviation of epilepsy are some of its purported uses, as supported by the US Food and Drug Administration advisory panel. However, only one FDA-approved CBD product can be prescribed to treat epilepsy, and that is Epidiolex. Although CBD oils come with claims to ease muscle spasms and relax the body in general, unregulated products sold online remain unreliable in terms of purity and potency. In fact, in research done on 84 online CBD brands, a quarter of the sold products had less CBD than advertised. In addition to that, a good number of these brands had THC in their products.

Studies are continually conducted on the effects of CBD on patients with Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, and Multiple Sclerosis. This supports the compound’s overall benefit to the patients and proves to be an effective alternative form of medicine. This is hoping that the medical demand for the product may rise, and more CBD-based medications will arise as FDA-approved in the market.

Skin Care

It is a given that CBD oil products come in many forms – from topicals and capsules to creams and ointments. This only means that CBD for skincare already exists. It has been hailed as useful due to its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant components.

The compound’s best thing is that it significantly affects the skin’s sebum production by reducing it. This is beneficial to those with acne and other skin conditions. However, the effects of CBD may just be limited to that. Even if the application’s results prove to be underwhelming, dermatologist Dr. Adarsh Mudgil stated in a Forbes article that it remains a safe product to use.

Future Possible Benefits – Cancer Treatment

Given the claims that the compound contributes to a significant drop of bodily inflammations, this has raised CBD to a larger market that caters to people with terminal diseases.

According to this study about cannabinoids and their helpfulness in treating certain conditions, the research supporting its positive claim was tested on patients in the early stages of these illnesses. This means that its modest effects cannot reverse severe conditions like Glaucoma.

However, it can help counteract symptoms of other ailments to help the body recover. An example of such is enhancing appetite to offset the weight loss caused by HIV/AIDS. With that said, CBD benefits may include its effectiveness against the stress induced by chemotherapy. Although consuming CBD may cause nausea, the compound can provide relief for the pain and discomfort caused by the treatment.

The same could be said for patients with progressive nerve diseases that deal with chronic neuropathic distress. In an article from Medical News Today, medical expert Debra Rose Wilson attests to the efficiency of cannabinoids like CBD in alleviating inflammation. Therefore, concluding that the compound can help cells damaged by chemotherapy into recovery.


Are there any Side Effects of Using CBD?

Effect of CBD

Given that it is a chemical compound with medical and therapeutic benefits, it also has its disadvantages. Unlike its counterpart, CBD or Cannabidiol, THC, with regards to the intoxication or the “high”.

However, it can still cause body changes, even in small doses. These changes mainly involve increased appetite, mild hallucinations, bouts of drowsiness, and a slight drop in your blood pressure. First-time users may experience diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, and mood changes – all of which will gradually be reduced as one builds a tolerance for the compound.

That being said, many experts support the safety of use in a NY times article. However, it was also noted that some adverse effects might be brought about by a reaction of the compound to other substances or medication consumed. While it is still not guaranteed to be 100% safe for women to use during pregnancy, it is generally considered safe to consume.

Dosage of CBD

When using products that contain CBD, it is highly advised that you talk to a licensed physician who has experienced treating their patients with the cannabidiol compound. Given that the compound doesn’t come with a universal dosage as a reference, it says a lot about how much we still don’t know about CBD.

However, Healthline was able to list down a few general factors considered when determining how much you should consume at a time. They are as follows:

  • Bodyweight
  • Existing illnesses or physical conditions
  • Individual body chemistry
  • CBD concentration or potency in each product (pill, drop, etc.)

Is CBD legal?

As stated in the Federal Law, the buying and selling of and using CBD oil is practically legal. This also means that the possession and consumption of products that contain such substance meet the required THC content restriction.

The use is limited to that of people of legal age. Medical patients that also consume CBD while under treatment and clinical supervision are also allowed. According to Healthline, the THC restriction is generally accepted as valuable content less than 0.3%, but this may vary across states. It may be best to check your state laws regarding complex CBD legal perspectives. Then again, any state that allows for medicinal and recreational marijuana use will generally allow for CBD consumption, including about 30 states in the country. To find out if CBD is indeed legal in your state visit this page.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, it can be concluded that despite the many claims on the health benefits of CBD, it is a substance that is yet to reach its potential and is still in need of further research.

Although many physicians chalk up its attributes to be the “placebo effect,” CBD remains to have a high potential medicinal value. Furthermore, it comes with fewer risks to its users.

With that, it’s best to take everything in regulation, and always reconsider the treatments you subject yourselves into as an individual form of responsibility.

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