Best CBD Creams In 2021

Best CBD Cream of 2021: Creams That Actually Works!!

The popularity of CBD had gone so far that various products had been influenced by it. Its beneficial effects continue to prove how important it has been in our lives. From being a pivotal ingredient in medical marijuana and now as a skincare item known as CBD cream. This product raises another milestone from which we can all benefit.

What is CBD Cream?

CBD cream is simply a cream with Cannabidiol (CBD) component. The CBD comes up with various kinds and with distinct use. It can be moisturizing the skin, relax the body by reducing pain, or decreasing skin inflammation (Morales-Brown, 2020). It has been manufactured when Farm Bill authorized the legality of having CBD products out of hemp. CBD’s beneficial effects on pain and skincare raise a spot in its numerous productions. These creams are well-suited for workers who do strenuous tasks and those who experience extreme body pains.

Aside from having CBD, which is effective in alleviating the pain, CBD cream is also flooded with other components that have various roles in the body. These include aloe vera and Vitamin E that play an important part in having healthy skin. Also, small amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids help in other aspects. Another thing that CBD cream offers is its efficacy in moisturizing the skin. As it contains emollient properties, we can prevent having dry or itchy skin.

What we look at when we choose the Best CBD Creams

The need to know for the best CBD creams is as important as choosing the right medicine. There should be standards or criteria to look for so that the right decision will be made. In terms of the CBD cream, certain things should be considered.

One thing is looking for the source of the product. It should be a U.S grown hemp and that the product must have undergone third-party testing through ISO 17025 compliant lab (Coelho, 2020). Then, you can check its label to be informed of its component, what it is for, and if there are substances that may harm your health. Lastly, it is also better to pick CBD creams with all-natural ingredients is it provides more efficiency.

Here are some of the best CBD creams to look out for this 2021.

FAB CBD (Topical Cream)


The well established brand Fab CBD is on our top list for the best CBD cream today. Their Topical cream is created out of an extract from Cannabidiol at full spectrum. Each container of the topical cream contains 600 mg of CBD which assures that it is greatly effective in pain relief. If you do feel like being punched a thousand times because of so much work or vigorous activities, then this FAB CBD product is what you need. It relaxes your body and brings you to complete convenience.

While some products pose problems with greasiness, this topical cream will not be a problem. It is non-greasy so your skin will not get irritated or feel uncomfortable because of the grease. It is also approved by the authority and underwent third-lab testing to assure its efficacy.


  • Non-greasy
  • Easy to apply
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Relieves pain easily


  • May cause reactions to sensitive skin
  • Contains only one fragrance

Purekana (Topical CBD Ointment)


The Purekana topical CBD ointment is one of the best CBD creams as it is extracted from the hemp of Kentucky sources which is abundant with CBD. It is infused with a cream that has moisturizing effects to prevent dryness of the skin. It has a tantamount proportion of ingredients to make sure that you will receive great results.

This product will let you feel the cool breath of the menthol. Its flavor will bring an icy sensation down to your spine relaxing your aching body. This is also great in relieving muscle and joint pains in your body.

Purekana topical CBD ointment is great in moisturizing your skin. You will not have to worry about having a scaly and rough texture since it easily brushes them off. Check out our review of purekana for further details


  • Moisturizes skin
  • Easy and direct application
  • Non- GMO
  • smooth texture
  • Relieves muscle pains


  • Expensive

CBDistillery (CBD Warming Cream)


The CBDistillery CBD Warming Cream is a product you will surely like whenever you feel like there is a heavyweight dragging your body down. Whether it’s because of long hours of working, heavy exercises, and other strenuous tasks, this cream takes out the excess burden caused by such activities. With its CBD component and the soothing effect of the cream, it is a great combination to relieve your body pains. These products are also certified by the authority in the US.

It is well-suited for people who want a cream that does not have a smell since it is fragrance-free. Aside from that, it is also non-greasy so you will not have to worry about having that oily feeling caress your skin. The CBD warming cream offers its efficacy to relieve tension from your body together with its ability in bringing warmth throughout your skin.


  • Contains camphor
  • Fragrance-free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO


  • May contain harmful substances to other people
  • Expensive

Green Roads (Muscle and Joint Relief CBD Cream)


This type of CBD cream serves just like an anchor. It keeps you grounded and sturdy after a long day of work or exercise. With this, there will be a moment of relaxation as it provides you with great support when body pains hit you off like a hammer. A cream that can be easily applied to your body and soothes the skin faster than you would have expected.

It has a mild scent not overpowering your perfume.  Just the exact amount of fragrance to wear. Its size is also perfect for traveling as well as weight. There will be no difficulty in bringing it wherever you want. Lastly, it contains not just CBD because it also provides other properties like avocado oil which enriches the benefits of the cream.


  • Relieves pain
  • Easy to bring
  • No THC
  • Mild scent


  • Small size

Medterra (CBD Pain Cream)

Medterra (CBD Pain Cream)

Medterra CBD Pain Cream greatly relaxes your body from an arduous task all day. With the application of this cream, it is possible to get rid of all the aches your experiencing in your body. This is because of the effect that CBD can offer. Having that weight being washed off slowly helps you breathe with comfort.

This Medterra cream soothes your skin with the cooling sensation of menthol and the pleasant fragrance of arnica. It elevates the ability of the cream to bring relief and comfort. With such flavor, you will feel like resting in the sand with the cold breeze kissing every inch of your skin. Also, it contains extracts such as jojoba and aloe vera oil which enhances the relief and comfort you feel. This is one of our favorite CBD cream for skincare. you can check our Medterra cbd review for further analysis.


  • Relieves pain quickly
  • Menthol aroma


  • Expensive

CBDmd Creams


CBDmd provides various products from gels, lotions, and balms. But if you are looking for an item that will relieve your body pains, they also offer CBDmd creams which you will surely want to get. The CBDmd cream is not just about making your skin look smooth and moisturized but more importantly, it helps with your body pain issues. It is especially one of the best choices for athletes who experience aches after a game or after a long day of training.

CBDmd cream products are available as CBDmd Freeze and CBDmd Recover having their specific functions. CBDmd Freeze is a great product for athletes like surfers and surfboarders as it aids body pains. With the touch of menthol, it comes with a cooling effect that will freshen up your day. On the other hand, CBDmd Recover is best suited after extreme workouts. It easily reduces backaches, joint pains, and even sore muscles. This is why this is one of our top picks for CBD cream for pain.


  • Contains vitamin B6
  • Easy application
  • Relieves body pain


  • Large size to hand-carry

Cheef Botanicals (CBD Relief Salve)


Cheef Botanicals CBD Relief Salve offers its all-natural ingredients to the market. It has 500 mg of Cannabidiol content which brings a faster and smoother effect to the body. Aside from that, it is also infused with different oils that would further extend its effectiveness such as essential oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.

This product is essentially efficient in reducing pain as it penetrates the skin and promotes different roles. Such functions can be an aid in the relaxation of muscles making it easier to move and in caring for the skin.


  • Relieves pain quickly
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Easy application


  • Needs subscription for discounts

How can CBD Cream help with Pain?

The primary role of applying CBD cream to your skin is to relieve the pain your experiencing. The combinations of CBD, THC, and other compounds produce an effect known as the entourage effect. It is where each of them helps to reduce the harmful effect of each other to the body and at the same time boosting their healing properties (Green, 2020).

CBD has proven its efficacy in pain relief as well as causing relaxation. CBD creams are applied directly to your skin, so it readily and easily penetrates under the skin.

Is CBD Cream Effective?

Many beauty and health care products have proven their worth and efficacy in the market. CBD cream is no exception. Some studies provide the efficiency of the compounds that makes CBD creams. These researches found out how CBD has an effect on the endocannabinoid activity in our body which decreases chronic pain symptoms.

Some also showed alleviation of pain and inflammation in the sciatic nerve. More importantly, there are pieces of evidence that CBD can give people with insomnia a great sleep as well as reduce the feeling of anxiety (“5 Best CBD Creams for Pain”, 2020).

With the surge of beauty and health care products around the world, it is undeniable how important it is to know what items we are using. As an individual who wants to acquire either a healthy lifestyle or cope up with today’s trend and standard, we should carefully scrutinize the products for our benefits.

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