CBDIstillery Review

CBDIstillery Review (2021): Finding Out Which Product Is Their Best

With the recent innovation and discovery of the health benefits of CBD, more and more people have begun to incorporate it into their daily lives. Companies have also sprung up from this innovation. But with the many options in the market, finding outstanding products from the best brands can be challenging.

As such, this CBDistillery review should help you decide which products from this brand fit your needs.

CBDistillery: Brand Overview

CBDistillery has become one of the leading CBD brands in the country. Founded in Colorado back in 2016, they offer quality CBD oil at reasonable prices. Also, their brand frequently educates people about the benefits of CBD and how to use them properly.

CBDistillery has a wide range of products. They offer not just CBD oils but also gummies, capsules, and even skincare products. Apart from that, you have more choices when it comes to how much CBD and THC you would like to ingest with their full-spectrum and isolate products. Overall, they deliver results without costing too much.

A major drawback, however, is their customer service. According to customers, they are not satisfied with how they handle queries and returns. They have a 60-day money guarantee that takes longer compared to other brands like Purekana.

Contacting them is a challenge too. Their website only has a contact form available, and you will just have to wait for someone to reply to you. Talking to a company representative is easier than waiting for an email.


  • Good price range
  • Comes with a lot of concentrations to choose from
  • Good quality products


  • Unreliable customer service
  • Refunds take longer

Our Review of CBDistillery Products

Despite the flak from customer service, their products seem promising as there were little to no complaints from customers regarding their effectiveness. In this section, we’ll look a bit more into their product range.

CBDistillery CBD Oils Review


If you’re looking for quality CBD oil, CBDistillery is a good place to start. They offer it in 3 different concentrations namely broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolate tincture oils. All of these products were tested in a third-party lab and sourced from non-GMO hemp.


  • Delivers anxiety and stress relief
  • Helps you sleep
  • Comes in different spectrums


  • Only available in 30 ml bottles
  • Not effective for people with serious symptoms
  • Here’s a more thorough review of each variant:

Broad Spectrum Oils

Broad-Spectrum Oils often have trace quantities of THC but, CBDistillery offers CBD oil without any THC. You can enjoy the entourage effect of a typical CBD oil without the drawbacks of THC. You can use this every day but just make sure to adjust your intake depending on the results you want to achieve.

These oils are available in 30 ml bottles that contain either 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2500 mg of CBD per bottle, each priced at $50, $75, and $165, respectively. Also, each bottle comes with a dropper that can hold up to 1ml.

Full Spectrum Oils

Full-spectrum oils often contain 0.3% of THC at most. Compared to the other oil variants, the entourage effect is stronger due to THC. What makes full-spectrum CBD different from a CBD isolate is that it’s not as refined as the latter but still has the benefits of relieving anxiety and chronic pain.

Also, since it is not as refined as a CBD isolate, it goes through less processing, making it the most natural form of CBD.

CBDistillery’s Full Spectrum Oil is available in 30 ml bottles as well. It’s available in 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2500 mg of CBD. Prices are at $45, $70, and $155, respectively.

Isolate Oils

Isolated CBD oils are the most refined among the other oils. Due to this, it doesn’t have other compounds such as THC, terpene, and cannabinoids. This product is purely CBD, which is why it doesn’t have any odor or taste. There’s no entourage effect but you might need to intake it in higher doses.

Isolate oils are recommended if you don’t want any trace of THC in your system. CBDistillery’s isolate oils are available in 30 ml bottles but vary in dosage. As with the broad spectrum and full spectrum variants, it is also available in 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2500 mg of CBD, costing $42, $65, and $130.

Other Cannabinoid Oils

CBDistillery also offers different cannabinoid oils in their range. The first is their CBDistillery Relief + Relax CBD + CBG Oil Tincture 1:1 which is a 30 ml bottle that comes with 1000 mg of CBD and CBG.

The second product is the CBDistillery CBN: CBD 1:3 Oil Tincture which is marketed towards those who have trouble sleeping. It’s also available in 30 ml bottles where each bottle has 50 mg of CBN and 450 mg of CBD. The CBD + CBG is at $85 while the CBN + CBD is priced $70.

Consuming these products can expose you to chemicals like Δ9 -THC. This chemical can be dangerous to pregnant women and may have other reproductive side-effects. Consult a physician first.

CBDistillery Topical Products Review


CBDistillery offers CBD infused creams and salves to aid in muscle pain relief with the added skin-care benefits from other ingredients. They can be used at the same time with ingestible CBD products to get the results you want.

Although the purpose of CBD salves and creams are similar, their texture and appearance are different. CBD topical salves are thicker compared to creams. They’re also aren’t absorbed as easily but are far more efficient for muscle relief.

Among the benefits that a topical cream offers include soothing and nourishing the skin.

CBDistillery offers topical salves in 2 different concentrations. You can choose from broad-spectrum or full-spectrum topicals.


  • Delivers muscle pain relief
  • Nourishes skin barrier
  • Contains 500 mg of CBD


  • More expensive than other brands

Here’s an in-depth review of the products in this category:

Broad Spectrum Topicals

CBDistillery’s Topical Relief stick comes in a roll-on stick for easy application. It has 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD that offers muscle pain relief. You can carry it anywhere without having to worry about spilling the product. It is available in 300 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg of CBD per stick. It costs from $20 to $80.

You can also choose between warming and cooling depending on the kind of effect you are more comfortable using.

Full Spectrum Topicals

Full spectrum topicals come with plant extracts, beeswax, and a full-spectrum of CBD oil. They’re great for their soothing properties and can be used daily to nourish and take care of your skin.

CBDistillery’s full-spectrum topicals are available in 2 variants. First is the CBDiol Topical CBD salve which contains 500 mg of cannabidiol all packed in a 28.35-gram jar. Most customers prefer this product due to its effectiveness in targeted pain relief. Plus it only costs $60 per jar.

Another product is the CBDefine Skin Care Cream. It’s also in a 28.35-gram jar that’s packed with 500 mg of cannabidiol. It also has muscle pain relief like the CBDiol Topical CBD salve but it’s geared towards nourishing and hydrating your skin’s barrier. It’s effective in making your skin soft and supple and only costs $60.

CBDistillery CBD Powders Review


CBDistillery offers 2 types of CBD powders, one of which is the CBDistillery Crystalline Isolate Powder which can be added to your tea or coffee. If you would like to incorporate your CBD intake through your meal, CBDistillery also offers CBD powders for that purpose.

Their CBDelicious Formulation Cooking Powder is a great way to get your intake and enjoy a good meal at the same time.

You don’t have to worry about the flavor and texture interfering with your recipes since the powders don’t have any flavor or odor.


  • No aftertaste
  • Can be mixed with drinks and food


  • Not available in bigger jars

The powders are available in Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum, Isolate, and CBG. Here’s how to know which one is right for you.

  • Broad Spectrum

CBDistillery offers CBDelicious that has 0% THC content. It’s available for $40. You can incorporate this powder into your drinks, dips, and recipes.

  • CBG

CBDistillery also offers CBG powders that can be infused with your food and drinks. It’s available in 1 gram bottles. You can also use this to make your own CBG infused topicals. One gram costs $50 on their website.

  • Full Spectrum

Also available in 1 gram bottles, CBDistillery offers full spectrum powders that have the same effect as their oils without the earthy hemp-taste. Each bottle costs $40.

  • Isolate

Their Isolate powders contain 0% THC as well and can be incorporated into your drinks or food without any THC trace. Their High Purity powder is also available in 1 gram and costs $36.

CBDistillery CBD Gummies


If you hate the earthy taste of CBD oils, then CBD gummies are the way to go. They’ve got fruity flavors with all the benefits of CBD. Apart from that, CBDIstillery guarantees their gummies are made of natural flavors and free of any allergens and gluten.


  • Features fruity flavors
  • Easy to ingest


  • Can easily get you overdosed
  • Children and teenagers might eat them

Here’s what CBDistillery gummies can offer:

Broad Spectrum Gummies

Each bottle contains 25 gummies with 0% THC content. The gummies vary in flavors inside the bottle which includes raspberry, raspberry-lemon, and strawberry. Made with non-GMO industrial hemp, CBDistillery is one of the best brands to consider when it comes to gummies.

Each gummy has 30 mg of CBD and can be taken on its own or used with other CBD products. CBDistillery offers gummies that can help you sleep and gummies that you can take any time of the day. Both variants cost $70.

CBDistillery CBD Capsules Review


Capsules are also a good way to intake CBD without having to deal with the weird aftertaste you get from oils. Apart from that, it’s so easy to carry around and you won’t have to worry about spilling it everywhere.


  • No aftertaste
  • Travel-friendly


  • Average efficiency

You can also choose between broad or full spectrum capsules. Here’s how to know which is right for you.

Broad Spectrum Capsules

CBDistillery’s broad spectrum capsules help you get your daily dose of CBD without worrying about THC. You can still get the entourage effect with the capsules. Having 30 mg of CBD in each, make sure you don’t overdo it and get the intake you only need.

They have one bottle that contains 30 capsules while another that has 60 capsules. The 30 capsule bottle costs $70 while 60 costs $145.

Full Spectrum Capsules

Full-spectrum capsules, on the other hand, contain trace amounts of THC. It also contains 30 mg of CBD in each capsule and a 30 capsule bottle can cost $70 while a 60 capsule bottle costs $130.

CBDistillery Pet Products Review


Pets can also benefit from CBD. CBDistillery offers products that are good for your dogs and cats. If you notice your dog is barking excessively and displaying destructive behavior, it might be feeling anxious. For cats, the usual signs of anxiety are sleep excessively, following you around everywhere, and refusing to use their litter box.

If you also notice that they are losing appetite or activity, they might be suffering from symptoms of illness or some type of injury. It’s best to consult a veterinarian first so your four-legged loved ones can get the best care they deserve.

Also, your veterinarian will recommend the dosage your furry friend needs should they be allowed to ingest CBD oils and products.


  • Good for cats and dogs
  • Offers anxiety and muscle relief for your pets
  • Addresses other pet issues


  • Soft chews are only available in 1 flavor

Here’s a thorough review of each product.

Pet Tinctures

The pet tinctures come in 30 ml bottles containing 150 mg of CBD. It’s blended with hemp seed oil to help with your pet’s digestion. You can add it to their food so you won’t have trouble. It’s great for pain relief, digestion, anxiety, and also for boosting their immunity. One bottle costs $30.

Zesty Paws Soft Chews

Your pets will surely love these soft chews which can provide the health benefits of broad-spectrum CBD. They’re designed to support your pets’ hip, joint, and muscular functions.

CBDistillery also offers CBD soft-chews so your pets can have their CBD intake while enjoying a nice treat. It’s available in 1 flavor only which is roast beef. Each treat has 5 mg of CBD and has 2 product offerings: the Mobility and Cognition soft chews.

Mobility soft chews are CBD treats that can help support your pet’s joints, hips, and muscles so they can move well throughout the day. The Cognition bites, on the other hand, are great for aiding in your pet’s cognitive functions and help in keeping them calm in situations where they are anxious.

CBDistillery CBD Products: Where To Buy?

If you want to make sure you’re buying legitimate products, buy directly from their website and not from other dealers. Although there are many retailers on the internet, buying directly from the website would be your best option.

Also, one of the great things about buying directly from their site is that you can buy their products either as a wholesaler or retailer. They can give discounts on larger orders and you would also have a 60-day money-back guarantee if things don’t go as planned. They also offer free shipping.

The company also has frequent promotions on its site. You can get bundle promos and discounts from time to time so make sure you follow their social media accounts. You can find all their products on their webpage.

Besides, shopping from their website is easy since you can filter product categories. You’ll find what you’re looking for with ease. They also offer product descriptions that can help you choose the right one for you.

Final Verdict On CBDistillery

CBDistillery’s products are impressive enough, but if you’re looking for a potent tincture, it might be best if you try something else. Their oils deliver results for people with mild or average symptoms, but they’re not the best for people with serious issues.

Their gummies and powders do a wonderful job too, especially if you need help in sleeping. For the price range, their gummies and powders deliver good results while being affordable and accessible.

A customer favorite is their CBDol topical relief.  This product has been garnering a lot of fans. It not only delivers muscle relief, but it also has soothing properties on the skin. CBDistillery didn’t skimp on their main ingredients.

CBDistillery is widely known for its oils, but the real MVPs of this brand are their CBD topical products. Out of everything in the topical product range, the best product to deliver its promise is the CBDol Topical CBD Salve. It may be more expensive compared to other brands, but it contains more CBD than the average so you can get the most out of your money.

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