Does CBD Help with Sleep

Does CBD Help with Sleep and Insomnia?

If you are an insomniac, this article can be a blessing for you to achieve a better night’s sleep. Overcoming various sleep disorders can be troublesome but with the best CBD Products this issue could be handled.

Sleep Disorders And Insomnia

Stress plays a critical part in birthing orders like insomnia and various sleep disorders. A study shows that around 85% of Americans experience insomnia a few nights a week. This shows the high prevalence of these disorders today. Many reasons can provide basis for Insomnia; one of the common reasons that contribute to such disorders is stress. Hence, due to the stress managing properties of CBD, it can be used for treating insomnia.

Many symptoms are a perfect indictor of insomnia, for instance, if you experience issues like falling asleep at night or waking up too early, feeling tired throughout the day and being unable to pay attention or focus, there is a high probability that you are suffering from insomnia. But worry not; CBD has many health benefits and one of these benefits include curing sleep disorders.

How CBD Helps With Sleep Disorder?

CBD is a helpful drug that can display therapeutic potentials for treating sleep disorders. Sleep disorders can inculcate irritability, fatigue; mood swings etc., which can cast an impact on the quality of life. CBD comes from a cannabis plant that has two types of species: marijuana, and hemp.

The basic major difference between the two species is that Marijuana can make you high; therefore, a small proportion of around 0.3% of THC is used in composition of CBD. This, in turn, prevents you from getting high and regulates our sleep cycle. Nevertheless, it is essential to ensure that you consume CBD in moderation, or else it could destroy your sleep cycle. Usually Hemp derived CBD products are available to help you tackle these sleep issues.

What Do The Studies Suggests?

Myriads of researches have been conducted on the topic of CBD and its effectiveness in curing sleep disorders. A study conducted on this very subject was able to identify the connection between sleep and anxiety, and as CBD contains the capability of curing mental disorders, it can also help people in getting rid of discomfort or anxiety that poses as a threat to a good night’s sleep.

According to this study, a sample of 72 people was collected, of which 47 subjects complained that they suffer from anxiety and out of those 47, 25 people were insomniac, displaying a clear connection between sleep and stress. After ingesting a CBD pill, a larger proportion of subjects reported a decrease in stress level and better sleep.

Another study by Frontier concluded that pain is directly proportional to sleep difficulties and CBD for pain and treatments can prove to be efficacious in eliminating the discomfort that result in a sleepless night.

Daytime sleepiness is another major sign of insomnia and as per this review, CBD demonstrated potential to treat RBD disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Does CBD Help with Sleep

Forms of CBD And Useful CBD Products

After, the question of “does CBD help with sleep”, the next question that arises is “how?” therefore, CBD could be consumed in a plethora of ways and they can prove to be immensely effective in aiding you to get a good nights’ sleep. CDB oil is a retrieved from cannabis, that contains cannabis, naturally contained in marijuana, but the low THC content makes it beneficial for your health. However, there are a few downsides of consuming CBD oil that can help you tackle the issues such as insomnia and sleep disorders.

The following types of CBD products are available in the market to help you deal with different sleep disorders:

CBD Edibles – this particular type includes CBD gummies that are highly effective in dealing with issues like sleep disorder and insomnia. The CBD gummies and other such things items like truffles and gums are packed with sugary taste and taste like heaven. However, it is claimed that added sugar can prevent you from falling asleep.

CBD Topical- This type of CBD includes various lotions, creams and ointments infused with CBD that can be used directly on the skin and this can help you cater your needs. People suffering from any pain or arthritis may find it hard to fall asleep due to the intensity of pain, so CBD topical can be applied to the affected area and it can get you get rid of pain and sleep better.

CBD Vaping- another CBD product type is vaping that helps in speeding up the processing of acquiring CBD. Via this type of CBD, the CBD can be passed directly to the lungs and work in an effective and a fast manner. Not many reaches have been conducted on the subject, but CBD vaping, just like the simple vaping, can make you addictive.

Next, we have Forms of CBD and how they can help us achieve a good night’s sleep:

Full Spectrum CBD- With a high concentration of cannabinoid components, such as THC, Terpenes, and flavonoids, this form of CBD is not highly processed and due to the raw structure of this oil, you can reap all the benefits that are associated with CBD and its impact on better sleep.

Broad Spectrum CBD- with the exception of THC, Broad spectrum CBD contains every component of cannabinoid. This is a more legal version of CBD, as it is free from THC which is considered illegal. It can help you to improve your sleep, get rid of anxiety and pain, and to reduce inflammation.

Isolate CBD- This form of CBD purely contains CBD without any addition of other cannabis compounds. It comes in a powdered foam and it can help you strengthen your immune system, manage sleep disorders, reduce the risk of seizures etc. It is comparatively cheaper than other two forms of CBD.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

With a long list of benefits, come the side effects of excessive use of CBD. Here, moderation is the key and consuming excessive amount of CBD can birth issues like fatigue, weight change etc.

This study was conducted to detect the impact of CBD and the test was conducted on mice; after a thorough research it was seen that CBD can cause substantial liver damage and lethargy. Further, before you start taking CBD for insomnia, make sure to consult a doctor as CBD may react with different medications in different ways.

As per Mayo clinic’s study, it has been seen that doctors rarely suggest CBD as sleep aid and try to figure out the root cause of your sleeping issues.

Final Thoughts

CBD may be a good way to deal with insomnia and other sleep disorders; however,. One’s dependence on CBD is not a natural way to induce sleep and this increased reliance of drugs can be harmful for your health. The benefits linked with CBD are numerous; nevertheless, you should not over consume CBD without doctors’ consultation.

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