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FAB CBD Review (2021): Is IT Worth It?

The debate about marijuana’s legality can take decades to arrive at concrete conclusions. Recent studies suggest that as long as the ‘cannabidiol’, or CBD, is the only thing extracted and not the addictive ‘tetrahydrocannabinol’, or THC, marijuana-related products are medically okay. Fortunately, some places in progressive countries acknowledge that as fact and basis for giving a level of tolerance in policy-making.

CBD has many scientific proofs, so far, that it provides more benefits if used. There are plenty of companies trying to take advantage of its great qualities, but we will be focusing on FAB CBD reviews. We will weigh on how the products of FAB CBD are compared to other commercial CBD products available.

About Fab CBD

FAB CBD is a company established by Josh Delaney in the mid 2010s decade. It is still relatively new but its reputation has already exceeded everyone’s expectations. It is located in the Tampa area in the USA and although it is small, its popularity has skyrocketed because of the quality of the products.

FAB CBD products are coming from hemp being grown in Colorado, wherein no pesticides or any chemicals are used. In case you are not aware, hemp and marijuana are the same plant species, except that hemp has THC levels below 0.3 percent. This means that there is far more CBD content in hemp and is more beneficial to use.

FAB CBD products are reassuring because of their supply source. All of the products, from oil to cream and even to dog treats, are quality-tested by accredited third-party laboratory facilities. Almost all CBD products have a long history of getting difficulties in approval from the FDA but despite that, FAB CBD has never experienced being served with a lawsuit.

Review of Every Products Offered By Fab CBD

FAB CBD products for humans can be categorized as oil (tinctures), edibles (gummies, sleep gummies, superfoods), and cream (topicals, salves). The company also offers products for dogs since there are studies that a certain amount of CBD is good for them. Most products are labeled as ‘full-spectrum CBD’ which means that the product includes all compounds found naturally in a cannabis plant.



In this context, the term ‘tinctures’ and ‘oil’ will be used as if they mean the same. However, technically speaking, oil is a bit different compared to tinctures due to the presence of alcohol on the latter. FAB CBD produces one of the best CBD oil in the market and in line with that, the company also guarantees top-class tinctures.

Tinctures may have lower potency of CBD but they have a longer shelf life. This FAB CBD product is one of the best examples of a full-spectrum CBD product, wherein aside from CBD, it contains traces of THC, at most 0.3 percent, and terpenes, which are compounds responsible for the aroma.

The tinctures are available in 5 flavors namely citrus, berry, vanilla, mint, and the natural hemp flavor. They also come in 3 different strength levels. You can feel your vitality and wellness being enhanced as you continue to use the product per instructions. With a dose of 1 milliliter, you can able to manage daily stress well and sharpen your focus.


Branded as ‘Chews’, the CBD gummies of FAB CBD are also one of their main products with a similar reception to the CBD oil products. Unlike the CBD oil, the gummies are made from isolated CBD, meaning they are 100 percent free of THC. If you like eating candies rather than receiving from a liquid dropper, then choose the edible option instead.

FAB CBD gummies are great substitutes for CBD oil. You have the convenience of carrying a few around rather than bringing a bottle of liquid. The edibles are meant to be portable dietary supplements and the effects can range from stress reduction to body recovery improvement.

A single gummy weighs 25 mg and can be taken daily. The facility utilized for processing is similar to that for handling fish gelatin products and the packaging facility is the same used for containing peanuts, soy, wheat, tree nuts, and dairy. If ever you have allergies to those ingredients, then you might want to refrain from taking in gummies.

Topical Cream


If you prefer to apply CBD externally, then opt for a topical cream. Similar to CBD Oil, FAB CBD’s topical cream contains ‘full-spectrum CBD’. It contains a mixture of the main compound, CBD, and other compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, and a 0.3-percent THC, at most.

The product comes in a 600-mg container. Using your fingers, you can dab a small amount and massage to the affected parts of your body. It works in areas where you experience chronic pain.

The claim for creating a cream product from hemp is that CBDs are better absorbed and impact immediately through the skin cells rather than being taken in orally. As one of the best CBD oils in the market, FAB CBD’s topical cream is also considered among the top products in its category.

Aside from being a substitute for a pain reliever, the topical cream can help in easing dry and cracking skin through its moisturizing effect. The cream contains other ingredients also like aloe vera, coconut butter, and olive oil – all work great for the skin.

Dog Treats


As studies suggest, CBD products are safe for dog’s consumption. FAB CBD’s dog treats are considered one of the best in the market today. The product is broad-spectrum, meaning it contains other compounds aside from CBD, but not including THC.

There are 3 varieties that a FAB CBD dog treat offers: ‘Calm & Cool’, a peanut butter-apple flavored treat; ‘Skin & Coat’, a chicken favored treat; and ‘Active Immune’, a salmon flavored treat. Each of their pouches weighs 9 ounces which comprise around 45 dog treats and each of them contains 3 mg of CBD.

CBD dog treats are filled with antioxidants and other vitamins that are manufactured for your dog’s optimal health. They can also help lessen the anxiety and separation issues of the dogs. If you are worried about allergies, don’t be since the treats are free from wheat, soy, dairy, and corn, and they contain terpenes that are effective in enhancing your dog’s wellbeing.

In case if you are interested in purchasing, here is a guide from FAB CBD on the feeding ratio of the dog treats to the dog’s weight:

  • Below 10 pounds = 5 treats
  • 10 to 25 pounds = 1 treat
  • 26 to 50 pounds = 5 treats
  • Beyond 50 pounds = 2 treats



CBD salves are topical creams that relieve uncomfortable skin or muscle issues. The term ‘salve’ comes from the word ‘salvation’, which might sound powerful but indicates the massive potential in easing any pain or itchiness. If your problem is beyond dry skin and sore muscles, CBD salves are the better choice compared to topical creams.

The FAB CBD salves are generally the same as the topical creams except that the salves are catered for persons with active lifestyles. Whether for relieving pain after working out or cooling the inflammation due to injury, salves are very convenient to use.

What FAB CBD produced can be considered as one of the best CBD salves out there. The product is also a ‘full-spectrum’ CBD since it contains tons of essential oils for that aroma together with the terpenes and menthol crystals as coolants. It is available in either a 1000-mg or 3000-mg container.

Sleep Gummies


CBD gummies are, no doubt, more accessible compared to CBD oil or cream. You won’t need to bring a liquid container if you want the benefits of the CBD. You can just pop a single gummy daily, wherever you might be.

However, there is a little difference between FAB CBD’s sleep gummies compared to its regular ones. The CBD gummies are effective in situations such as post-workout and body recovery on rest days. On the other hand, the sleep gummy variant is meant to encourage you to sleep well.

This is perfect for those who have insomnia and irregular sleeping patterns. Aside from that, it can also reduce tendencies for anxiety and overthinking. A 25-mg gummy taken daily can help you not only to get a good sleep but also receive other benefits of the CBD gummies. The product is also available in various flavors and strength levels.


Some foods provide you a single vitamin or mineral but in abundance. There are also that has a little of everything. And then, there is what we call ‘superfoods’, which are food ingredients densely packed with various nutritional values of high levels even in small quantities.

These foods contain almost no harmful effects for any human body type. FAB CBD manages to produce its own ‘Green Superfoods’ brand. It contains 80 essential micro-nutrients wherein they can remove harmful toxins, enhance body activity and boost energy systems while being gluten-free and perfect for a keto diet.

The product is available in 3 different flavors: Citrus Mojito, Cocoa Crisp, and Bundle Pack, which is a combination of the previous 2 flavors. Each pack has 30 servings each. If you want to buy CBD products that are overloaded with nutritional benefits, then FBA CBD’s Green Superfood might be what you are looking for.

lawsuits or issues happening because of the usage of the products.

How Much Can The Fab CBD Products Cost?

Although the FAB CBD products are highly regarded, they can be expensive initially. They can range between $34 for the oil to $142 for the superfoods.

However, compared to other CBD products, they are relatively affordable. Being on the cheaper side of the market and having such great quality, FBA CBD products are highly recommended.

Is Fab CBD Worth Trying?

If you have read any ranking sites for CBD products, you will find the FAB CBD reviews filled with highly positive remarks. All of the products, from oil to superfoods, are regarded highly because of their quality. The FAB CBD products can be either full-spectrum or CBD isolate, which are both good since there is only less than 0.3 percent of THC present.

The source of the products is the farm-grown hemp in Colorado wherein no pesticides or chemicals are involved. That alone is proof that the said organic products are safe both for external and internal usage. To know more if the products of FAB CBD are worth trying, here are some of their benefits:

  • You can experience the full potential of the CBD product and its positive effects on the body.
  • You will experience improvements in your wellness and performance in your daily activities.
  • Your stress and anxiety can easily be managed while using the products.
  • Through the dog treats, you also improve your dog’s appetite and lessen the separation issues and mood swings.
  • They are perfect aids to your active lifestyle, especially in diet and body recovery.

To validate the claims, the products of FAB CBD are tested through an accredited third-party laboratory. It is also worth reiterating that as of now, there have been no reported medical

Where Can You Find Fab CBD Products?

FAB CBD products are available on the company’s official website, https://fabcbd.com/. Please do note that shipments are only within the USA. Check also your state’s policies regarding CBD products if there are any restrictions or limitations of the amount of shipment.

The package will be delivered to you within 3 to 7 business days. If ever you are unhappy with the product or find any defects and discrepancies, the FBA CBD has a return policy. You are entitled to a full refund if the product is returned within 30 days after being received, aside from the other refund conditions.

On the company’s website, you have an option to create an account. Through this, you can partake in their Rewards program. You can save money through this feature in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Based on this breakdown from numerous FAB CBD reviews, there is no question that their products are at the top of the line. You can expect to be able to experience the great benefits a CBD product can provide. You are assured of the company’s safe and chemical-free raw ingredients.

FAB CBD offers a wide range of CBD products, either to be consumed internally or applied externally. Not only for humans, but FAB CBD also provides treats for dogs. The seal of assurance is stamped with the affirmative test results from a legitimate third-party laboratory.

Aside from the quality, FAB CBD is one of the affordable options among all other CBD products. Although the price of a CBD product is relatively expensive overall, you will be investing in your wellness. Having great health as you age can be considered an achievement.

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Upon completing her education at Princeton, having pursued a science course, she develops a passion for CBD products. It was her frequent depression that made her focus on the potential of CBD. She receives healing after using the CBD products, and she later decides to dedicate her time to educate people about the potentials of CBD. Amy now works in a CBD company writing articles about the CBD brands, the brand highlights, and brand products. Amy loves football, and she spends the weekends watching famous football leagues, including the English premier league.

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