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Hemp CBD Oil: How It Works, Benefits, Legality, and More

There’s no doubt that Hemp is the talk of the town wellness product at the moment. Suppose you are in a country where Hemp is legal. In that case, Hemp CBD Oil might be something you can find everywhere – in the drug store, supermarket, restaurants, and even in your favorite drink. In some countries, some coffee shops serve CBD lattes, Topical hemp products in most Spas, and skincare with CBD or Hemp oils for business companies. And everyone, may it be an arthritis-suffering or an anxious friend, wants to try some CBD gummies. However, while Hemp CBD oil is pretty much everywhere, many people are still confused about this wellness product, especially on how to use it, where to buy it, and if it’s legal. Below, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about hemp CBD oil.

What is Hemp CBD Oil?

CBD oil, cannabis Sativa, cannabinoids, cannabidiol, CBD hemp oil – you might probably hear these words but probably does not what it means, or at least, its differences. It’s okay, though, as these words are usually tossed around, but all are related to CBD.

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are active formulas particularly found on Hemp, or otherwise known as cannabis Sativa. While Cannabis sativa has two various species – Marijuana and Hemp, the latter, however, has higher THC levels than marijuana.

When someone speaks about hemp CBD oil, he refers to the CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant, which generally is marketed as “pure CBD oil” or “hemp CBD oil.” This oil is perfectly safe as it does not contain any cannabinoids – THC or CBD. It contains healthy fat and is widely used in some beauty products for moisturizing purposes. To learn more about what hemp is and what benefits does it provide – visit this link.

How Does CBD Hemp Oil Work on the Human Body?

CBD hemp oil has non-psychoactive properties making it great for therapeutic use. It targets the Endocannabinoid system of the body, thus positively impacting our appetite, mood, sleep, heart, and memory.

CBD Hemp oil is also a good source of fatty acid. As such, it works in nourishing the skin, especially in making it smoother and softer. Many testimonies are saying that hemp oil has anti-inflammatory properties thus a great ingredient in anti-acne formulas.

Moreover, CBD hemp oil also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, thus preventing signs of aging. Hemp’s oleic and linoleic acids are not found or can’t be produced in the body but play a crucial role in your overall body and skin health.

What are the Health benefits of using CBD Hemp Oil? 

When manufacturers use CBD Hemp oil in their products such as bread, yogurt, snack bars, cookies, skincare, such a product is no doubt healthy. It would be filled with essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. Below are some of the Hemp CBD oil benefits list:

Natural Pain Relief

Hemp CBD oil is commonly utilized as natural pain relief, especially if such pain is caused by inflammation. Those who don’t want to have a prescription or buy over the country may use essential hemp oil to relieve pain.

Since it contains anti-inflammatory properties, Hemp CBD oil will immediately respond to any inflammation-based health problems, say, joint pain. For this reason, those who have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid joint inflammation, or simply arthritis will benefit a lot from Hemp oil.

Prevents Acne

The hemp oil is rich in fatty acid, thus good for preventing inflammation due to severe acne. The CBD in the plant is likewise a great ingredient to remove acne scars.

A study conducted by the Journal of Clinical Investigation concluded that CBD targets the sebum gland responsible for chronic acne. It reduces sebum production and thus helps you prevent acne breakout and achieve clear skin.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

The amino acid is found in Hemp oil. This nutrient has a positive contributory effect in making your cardiovascular system healthy. Consuming food filled with amino acids is beneficial in preventing heart disease.

Cures Addiction

Unlike marijuana or THC, CBD is not addictive and may even cure drug addiction. Preliminary evidence proves that CBD may lower the likelihood of occurring symptoms of methamphetamine and cocaine use disorders. It may also relapse or withdrawal symptoms after a long period of sobriety and detoxification.

Improves Skin Health

Hemp oil is perfect for most skin types because it moisturizes your skin without clogging the pores. It makes dry skin glowy and hydrated, balances oily skin, and regulates oil production. Dryness may result in oil overproduction which stimulates pimples. Hemp oil, however, will reduce pimples caused by dirt and overproduction of oil.

Treats Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a common skin problem among children. It is a form of eczema that causes skin dryness, itchiness, rashes, and crackedness. Hemp oil, on the other hand, can prevent these skin diseases from happening to children. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids found in Hemp oil reduce the appearance and symptoms of clinical atopic dermatitis.

Curb Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Hemp-plat-based products are known for reducing the symptoms of mental health problems and even stress-related disorders. CBD can help balance your serotonin levels which are responsible for both depression and anxiety symptoms.

Hemp oil

Is CBD Hemp Oil Different from Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is another term for CBD oil. Hemp seed oil is also known as hemp oil, and this is where the confusion arises. CBD hemp oil and Hemp seed oil are different products.

CBD oil is derived from the flowers, stalks, and leaves of a hemp plant, while Hemp seed oil comes from the cannabis plant. Its seeds don’t contain any CBD but are rich in nutrients that are helpful for one’s overall health.

Some of the major differences between CBD hemp oil and Hemp oil are the following:


CBD Hemp Oil: Some people use CBD Hemp oil for medicinal purposes. It can be used to treat pain and inflammation, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, addiction management, skin-related disease, and the like.

Hemp Oil: Hemp oil is rarely used for recreational purposes. This is because the CBD or THC levels are either absent or low. Some relevant uses of Hemp oil are the manufacturing of fibers and clothes.

How it Works

CBD Hemp Oil: CBD Hemp oil inhibits endocannabinoid reuptake, regulates pain, and increases the activity of your serotonin receptors. When CBD oil has a full-spectrum THC level, it binds the CB1 receptor in your endocannabinoid system, resulting in psychoactive effects.

Hemp Oil: While the effects of Hemp oil do not have scientific evidence yet, it is said that it helps the main healthy cardiovascular system.

How It Is Made

CBD Hemp Oil: CBD oil comes from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. To become an oil, it undergoes an extraction process called carbon dioxide extraction. While it is important to keep all the components intact to have a full spectrum of CBD oil, most manufacturers only extract CBD for the CBD isolate.

Hemp Oil: Manufacturers also extract the seeds of the hemp plant to produce oil. However, the help oil does not contain THC because it does not come from the flowers, leaves, or stalks of the Hemp plant. The Hemp seeds don’t contain THC; hence there are no psychoactive effects.

How to Choose the Perfect CBD Hemp Oil?

Choosing premium and effective CBD oil sourced from hemp is a daunting task, especially your first time. Today’s market is filled with thousands of CBD hemp products that make it difficult to choose a quality oil that works. Follow these steps to help you identify the best CBD hemp oil.

CBd hemp oil

Quality Matters

When buying one, you should keep in mind that quality always matters. By quality, you should also consider that the best quality comes with a high price. Low-grade CBD hemp oil does not offer the same benefits as top-rated hemp oil. It mostly comes with harmful toxins that may harm your overall health.

Check the amount of the THC level.

In general, THC levels in CBD are only found in the full-spectrum label. Such a substance is responsible for the psychoactive effect or “high” feeling in your body. When creating CBD oil, manufacturers mostly used hemp than marijuana because of the former’s low-level THC. It is safer, not addictive, and easier to manufacture.

Hence, be careful in choosing a CBD oil as it may be marijuana-based. Always check the ingredients before buying one. Take note that if the product contains a THC level, it is most likely based on marijuana.

The Product should be based on a Quality Lab Result

The best CBD oil is those third-party tested. A reputable CBD oil company will provide third-party and quality lab results on its product label.  This test ensures that the product has low THC, a high level of CBD, and is non-toxic or doesn’t have any impurities that may be harmful to consumers.

If the lab result is not indicated in the product label, you check the companies website for such information. If such information is not found on the website, there’s a presumption that the product has not undergone or failed the lab result.

The Source

US-grown cannabis is the best source of Hemp-based CBD oil. Meanwhile, nowadays, Europe is also competent in producing high-quality hemp plants. Some European countries having extensive experience and expertise in cultivating hemp are Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Are there any Risks to Consuming Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is safe. It is mostly used as a medicinal treatment.  However, while hemp oil is one of the most approved CBD products by the FDA, it carries some risks. It can cause many side effects such as drowsiness, dry mouth, fatigue, reduced appetite, and diarrhea.

Consequently, hemp oil has a positive role in easing symptoms of common health problems such as anxiety, heart disease, muscle pain, and acne. Consequently, if you are pregnant or under medical treatment, CBD can interact with your medications. For this reason, you must talk with your doctor before consuming hemp oil.

Will CBD Hemp Oil make me High?

CBD is only extracted from a cannabis plant hence will not give you the ability to be “high” or euphoric as THC or marijuana. It will make you less anxious and relaxed instead. When you consume hemp oil after taking THC products, you would be calmer, and the level of “high” you have from the THC would be reduced.

Moreover, any CBD products will not make you high. That’s the main difference between CBD and THC. While the full-spectrum CBD contains a low level of THC, it is not enough to make you high. The absence of a euphoric effect is the reason why the use of CBD is tolerated.

Is Hemp Oil Legal?

In 2018, the farm bill was enacted, legalizing industrial hemp in the United States. Hence, there’s no question about hemp legality. The law’s passage became an open door for most cannabidiol (CBD) to be sold in a wide market. However, you still need to check your state law for its legality.

Hemp oil may be legal at the federal level but still illegal in some state laws. It is the same with Marijuana-based CBD products – legal in some state laws but illegal under the federal level. Nowadays, CBD hemp oil is both used in skincare, medicine, and cooking products.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that an ongoing hype of hemp oil is because of its numerous health benefits. Hemp is safe to use and offers a lot of positive side effects to our overall health. However, you should not use them as a medicinal treatment, especially if not advised by your doctor.

Please take note that the FDA has warned some companies of advertising their products for medical treatments. Be a responsible consumer. Don’t join the league of weed washing (hemp-derived product hype!)

About the author

Oliver Shannon is a graduate of Cornell University. He completed his studies in 2013 and started working as a consultant in herbal medicines. He later learned about Hemp in 2015, and he left his job to focus on the potentials of Hemp. Oliver Shannon now writes about the hemp news and the famous hemp products. He has over 1000 articles about Hemp, and he is now working on Book that will have all the insights about Hemp. Oliver believes that the little knowledge about Hemp is the reason for the controversies that still prove to be a setback in the industry.

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