Hemp vs CBD

Hemp vs CBD: Misconceptions, Similarities, And Differences

More related than different, hemp and CBD are used in a plethora of ways to treat different bodily issues. The argument of Hemp vs CBD is gaining group rapidly and due to new and profound interest in CBD is birthing various questions regarding the similarities and differences of these two.

For starters, hemp and CBD are two different varieties of the same plant: Cannabis Sativa Plant. Nevertheless, these two vary in terms of benefits, uses and composition. Thus, to figure out the basic differences between Hemp and CBD, let’s dive into the article.

What Is Hemp?

Firstly, Hemp is derived from the same root as CBD; however, these two differ in terms of the concentration of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Hemp contains only 0.3% of THC, which has made it legal in the USA with an exception of a few states. Further, Hemp is not a new plant, but people have been using it for a very long time to make goods such as ropes, clothes etc.

Here, it is imperative to consider the difference between marijuana and hemp, as they belong to the same family tree, yet one is known to be legal, whilst the other is not.  Marijuana contains a high concentration of THC, which can make you high and hence it is seen to be addictive. Whereas, hemp has a legitimate status and can be legally grown outdoor; the low percentage of THC in hemp makes it more beneficial. To learn more about what hemp generally is & its potentials make sure to pay a visit to this article.

What Is CBD?

Packed with a variety of compounds, CBD is one of the main cannabinoids that is found religiously in cannabis plants. Note that CBD and Hemp contain the same compound but with dissimilar concentrations of the compounds present in them. Most importantly, CBD integrates well with our bodies and cast a positive impact on our health.

CBD that contains a safe level of THC, i.e., 0.3%, is legal, as well as safe to use. Along with that, it is a great way to tackle depression, anxiety, insomnia and other mental health and sleep disorders.

Common Misconceptions Regarding Hemp And CBD

Firstly, there is a misconception that CBD is illegal; however, a concentration of 0.3%THC is pertinent and this percentage is consumable. Secondly, many people believe that, like marijuana, you need to smoke CBD; nonetheless, there are plenty of ways, other than smoking, to consume CBD like edible CBD oil and full-spectrum CBD.

Thirdly, it is a common myth that hemp and CBD come from Marijuana, thus, it can make you high and it can prove to be addictive. Further, it is a common misconception that as CBD contains THC drugs, it can be traced in a drug test, but note that the allowed concentration of THC is 0.3%, so this concentration cannot be traced in a drug test.

Similarities Between Hemp And CBD

  • CBD and Hemp, can be derived from the same plant and contain similar concentrations of THC.
  • Both are legal and can be grown by people outdoor.
  • Hemp and CBD, neither of the two are habit-forming or addictive.
  • Despite coming from the same plant as Marijuana, hemp and CBD, both, are not capable of making you high.

Key Differences Between Hemp and Cannabis CBD

  • Both hemp and Cannabis CBD contain THC and CBD; however, there is a difference in compound concentration in CBD and Hemp. Hemp contains more CBD and lesser THC, whilst, Cannabis CBD contains more THC and Lesser CBD.
  • Legal issues are the second difference between hemp and cannabis CBD. As per this farm bill, hemp is legal in the USA if it is consumed in moderation and has THC under 0.3%. Likewise, if CBD contains around 0.3% of THC it is also considered legal.
  • Despite being legal, the medical and legal status of both, vary drastically. Only one particular type of cannabis CBD is legal for medical uses, whereas, the government has funded over 20 projects that deal with hemp oil.
  • The labeling of these products is another differentiating factor here. Many products made from CBD are still labeled as hemp; however, this does not mean that these products are free of CBD.


Which One Is More Beneficial: Hemp vs CBD?

As mentioned above, CBD and Hemp oil contain many advantages, which one is more beneficial? Let’s find out by analyzing the benefits of hemp oil.

So, hemp oil can prove to be immensely helpful in relieving constipation, whilst, CBD oil does not possess any such properties. Further, Hemp oil can endow you with cardiovascular benefits to regulate and stabilize your heart health; on the contrary, CBD oil does not offer these benefits but it is rather helpful in assisting you to main your mental health and combat sleep disorders.

Hemp oil is highly beneficial when it comes to strengthening immunity, a quality that CBD oil does not hold. In addition, Hemp oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-aging. CBD oil also possesses all these factors, however, it does not extend much support when it comes to treating heart issues; on the other hand, Hemp Oil may fail to assist you in tackling various sleep disorders.

To sum up, both the Hemp and CBD oils have their own pros and cons and the list of benefits they offer, so check your suitability before consuming any product.

Thoughts About Hemp And CBD Oil

Both the oils hold their own significance as their benefits and uses are different. Nevertheless, Hemp oil can improve your skin and heart health. It is considered a natural pain reliever. On the other hand, CBD oil also holds many benefits including anti-inflammation and dealing with issues related to mental health and sleep disorder.

Choosing any one of these oils may not seem like a pertinent move, therefore, it is better to analyze all the pros and cons associated with these oils and then decide on the better one.

How Do You Recognize a Hemp or CBD Product From The Label?

Labeling is a great concern here, because many manufacturers label their CBD products as hemp products, despite the high amount of CBD present in the products. However, figuring out the CBD or hemp product is not a great issue. Products that contain full-spectrum hemp, hemp oil etc., are the CBD ones, whilst, the products that include the word “seed” in the description indicate hemp seeds oil.

Final Thoughts

Hemp vs CBD is a new topic, where people are rapidly gaining interest in this field. These two oils possess a plethora of health benefits that can prove to be immensely useful for your body.  CBS is more inclined towards maintaining your mental health and keeping you safe and sound, and the same goes for hemp oil. All that stands in the way of CBD’s popularity is the legal issues related to these particular types of plans.

About the author

Oliver Shannon is a graduate of Cornell University. He completed his studies in 2013 and started working as a consultant in herbal medicines. He later learned about Hemp in 2015, and he left his job to focus on the potentials of Hemp. Oliver Shannon now writes about the hemp news and the famous hemp products. He has over 1000 articles about Hemp, and he is now working on Book that will have all the insights about Hemp. Oliver believes that the little knowledge about Hemp is the reason for the controversies that still prove to be a setback in the industry.

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