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Joy Organics Review (2021): Which Product Should You Prefer & Why?

For years, the presence of a beneficial compound, cannabidiol (CBD) is the reason for the quest to erase cannabis’ status as an illegal drug. As long as the harmful tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is almost non-existent in cannabis, then the majority can accept it as a medical substance. One of the leading brands that provide great CBD-based products is Joy Organics and in this article, we will be focusing on Joy Organics reviews.

Brand Overview

Joy Organics is an American company that specializes in making CBD products. It is a business ran by a family with Joy Smith as the founder. Her business grows to an extent where there are stores currently found in 3 locations: Fort Collins, Colorado; Austin, Texas; and Deer Park, Illinois.

The driving force behind the creation of the company is Joy’s search for cure of her insomnia and chronic pain. After researching thoroughly all about the many benefits of CBD, she begins her goal of creating products that can help her and other people. The company’s products aimed to be at a pharmaceutical-grade level with their 7-step process.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Joy Organics

Product Quality

In terms of product quality, Joy Organics has some of the best CBD products in the market today. The company has been transparent with their processes and backs their claims with research and testing from 3rd party laboratories.

Since the source of all CBD products are farm-grown hemp, the acknowledgment from the US Hemp Roundtable Board of Directors is a validation for the products’ quality. It is also suitable for maintaining good health since it is gluten-free.

User Experience

Having much more amount of CBD concentrations assures the user not only avoiding the effects of THC but also the opportunity to receive all the medical benefits. CBD can contribute in minimizing stress and anxiety, and in providing relief while on recovery. Aside from that, the official site of Joy Organics has huge selection of CBD products.


Joy Organics asks no shipping free for orders made throughout the US. If ever you are not satisfied with the product, your money will be subject for return because of the money-back policy.

Environmental Impact

Joy Organics derives all of their CBD products from natural, farm-grown hemp without the reliance of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Harvesting the sources complies with the Farm Bill and manufacturing them until finish products are obtained are cruelty-free, which means that there are no animals harmed in the process.

Top Reasons Why You Should Avoid Joy Organics

Product Quality

Joy Organics may be a good brand but compared to Charlottes’ Web, CBDistillery and Fab CBD, its products are significantly lesser in terms of therapeutic effects and the quality of topical creams.

User Experience

CBD has many studies showing its benefits to the human body. However, like any other medicine or supplement, there will be side effects to some types of body structure. Some of the reported side effects are tiredness, diarrhea, appetite changes and weight changes.

Those things are mild only though. There is also a disadvantage when consuming CBD edibles together with meals rich in fat. If that happens, the side effects’ mildness can increase in impact. CBD can also intervene with the intended results of other prescribed medications.


Most of the products can be relatively expensive compared to other leading brands but the great quality makes up for that disadvantage.

Review Of Joy Organics Products

As mentioned, the CBD products of Joy Organics aimed to be pharmaceutical grade because of its 7-step manufacturing process. Due to the company’s transparency, here are the steps they have taken:

  • The healthy soil of the Colorado farms grows organic hemp rich in phytocannabinoid without the aid of any harmful chemicals. The workers will harvest the needed hemp and turned them over to the milling stations.
  • The recently harvested raw hemp will undergo curing and drying procedures. Later on, the workers will mill them into coarse powder. Afterwards, they send the products to the next processing center in Colorado.
  • Next, Joy Organics will extract and purify the milled hemp. Purifying machines will squeeze the plant residue until they extract oil filled with 112 phytocannabinoids.
  • The oil undergoes further extraction process starting from distillation using food-grade ethanol.
  • After distillation, Joy Organics will remove any trace of THC from the hemp oil. Also, wax and other non-essential plant compositions are also being removed in the process.
  • The purified product will undergo testing from third-party laboratories for its purity and other medical data. If a batch passes the testing standards, the laboratory will give a ‘Certificate of Analysis’ and ‘Certificate of Quality Assurance’.
  • The last step is to break down the oil into nano-sized emulsions. Through this technology, the consumer can get more chunk of CBD while consuming small servings.

From there, different products are formed to suit every customer’s needs. There are edibles, externally applied liquids and also dog food. Each product has certain specialty that unleashes the potential of CBD, whether it is for insomnia, joint and muscle pain or overall wellness.

Joy Organics CBD Oils


Joy Organics produce excellent quality CBD oil and oil tinctures. The difference between oil and oil tinctures is that the latter is CBD oil infused with another carrier like alcohol or MCT oil. You can take both of them orally through a liquid dropper.

Other uses of the oil tincture are for cooking and baking. You can mix them as key ingredients on your pastries, desserts, soups and beverages. Some of the benefits that you can get from this product are easing sleeping discomfort, curing insomnia and supporting a great sleeping habit. Oil Tinctures can either be ‘full spectrum’ or ‘broad spectrum’.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD oil means that the hemp product has at most 0.3 percent THC. The presence of the very tiny portion poses no risk at all in incurring the addictive effects of THC. Instead, it promotes ‘entourage effect’, which enables all other nutrients to work in synergy for overall wellness. The only Full Spectrum formula available is the Fresh Lime Oil Tincture.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad Spectrum CBD oil also employs the ‘entourage effect’ but compared to Full Spectrum, there is almost no presence of THC at all. The product is available in 4 flavors: Tranquil Mint, Orange Bliss, Summer Lemon and the Unflavored. You can integrate either of them for baking ingredients or mixing beverages and apply on generic creams and lotions.

Joy Organics CBD Gummies


CBD gummies are helpful solutions to turn CBD-based products into something fun. As edibles, they take a longer process for intake since you will be chewing them first. Compared to other edibles, one gummy is enough for the day and therefore, you will not be bringing them always compared to the relatively bulky liquid container.

Chewing gummies looks more natural without showing that you are consuming a CBD product. Gummies are available in 2 tasty flavors: Strawberry lemonade and Green apple. They may be sweet but the flavoring comes from gluten-free ingredients such as organic cane sugar and organic tapioca syrup.

Strawberry Lemonade Flavor

If you prefer for a tangy taste, then the strawberry lemonade is for you.  Strawberry lemonade’s distinct ingredient is the ‘fruit & vegetable juice’ which is used many for color.

Green Apple Flavor

If you want a tart bite feel, the green apple flavor is preferred. The product uses spirulina extract to provide its color.

Joy Organics Softgels/Capsules


CBD edibles can also be in tablet form. They can either be softgel or capsule type. The process in manufacturing the CBD pills is by literally encapsulating the hemp extract.

Based on numerous Joy Organics reviews, these CBD pills are great alternatives if you don’t prefer to chew the edible and instead, swallow it whole. Once you’ve taken in the CBD pills, the outer shell will eventually breakdown and release a lump mass of hemp extract contrary to the chewable gummies.

As the pill dissolves, the phytocannabinoids will stimulate your body’s cannabinoid receptors and thus, they will influence sleeping patterns, mood and other bodily reactions in a positive way. Also, the pills promote homeostasis to the human body.  There are 3 varieties to choose from: Everyday Formula, Curcumin and Melatonin For Sleep.

Everyday Formula

Everyday Formula is the basic CBD softgel. In comparison to CBD oil tinctures, this variety has the same analogy to the unflavored CBD oil. Consuming the softgel is like consuming a drop of CBD oil tincture in solid form. The Everyday Formula variety has synergistic effects or also known as ‘entourage effect’.


The inclusion of curcumin adds nutrients to the already nutrient-filled CBD softgel. Curcumin compound can be extracted from turmeric, which is known for body joint maintenance. You can choose to take this to improve your joint mobility and comfort.

Melatonin for Sleep

As the name suggest, the main function of this product is for sleeping aid. By adding 1 mg of melatonin, the CBD product’s capability for curing insomnia is greatly highlighted. If you need optimum relaxation, pop one of this a few hours before you hit the bed.

Joy Organics CBD Topicals

Joy Organics does not only focus on edibles but also on liquids that are externally applied. For those who are not comfortable in taking any CBD edibles but wish to experience the benefits, you can purchase the topical creams instead.

The topical cream benefits include sparing you from tasting the CBD product and the opportunity to massage directly on the affected part. As you apply the CBD topicals, you will feel immediate effects and there is a guarantee that applying it will not harm the skin.

The line of CBD topicals consists of the following: CBD salve and salve stick, CBD cream and sports cream, and bath bombs.



The term ‘salve’ comes from the word ‘salvation’. Although the terminology is a bit dramatic, it may be a fitting word for those who felt severe chronic pain for a long time and needed relief as ‘salvation’. CBD salve utilizes the skin as a medium for absorption.

A few additions to the product are aromatic essential oils and organic beeswax. These benefits the joints and skin in many ways aside from the CBD benefits. If you prefer a deodorant-type topical application, then CBD Salve Stick is perfect for you.

Bath Bombs


If you prefer to receive the effects of CBD while enjoying your time in the bath tub, choose then the CBD Bath Bombs. You don’t need to apply them in a ritual-like routine. You can receive the same amount of benefits from CBD while relaxing and cleansing yourself.

A set of bath bombs can be an amazing gift to someone. You can use this opportunity to introduce CBD to your friends and loved ones, and let them reap the benefits without appearing to be a medical procedure. One package contains 4 bath bombs.

CBD Cream


The very definition of topicals is cream. As a highly viscous liquid, it is easy to apply but also has skin retaining capability. CBD cream is a regular CBD topical wherein it infuses both the relieving functions of CBD Salve and relaxation functions of CBD Bath Bombs.

If you are more on the active side, choose CBD Sports Cream. Applying before, during or after your workout can elevate comfort in your movements and stimulate muscle recovery.

Joy Organics CBD For Pets


There are studies that show CBD products as harmless for dogs, not just externally but also internally. So far, there are no reported side effects on dogs but their dosage of CBD is different from humans. For that reason, Joy Organics produce one of the best brands of CBD-based dog treats.

Dog Treats


CBD Dog Treats are easily-digestible food product with beef flavors. Joy Organics make them to be water-soluble and therefore, the dog can absorb the nutrients much easier compared to regular treats. CBD products for dogs are specially design for their appetite and well-being.

Broad Spectrum Oil


Aside from chewable products, Joy Organics also introduces Broad Spectrum Formula of Oil Tincture for pets. The 2 main ingredients that it comprises are broad spectrum hemp extract and organic olive oil. Like the oil tincture for humans, this dog product can either be integrated in their food or fluids.

Where To Buy Joy Organics CBD Products?

Joy Organics has an official website – You can choose any from all of their products on the ‘Shop’ section. There, you can make orders and purchase as much as you can afford.

However, their official website entertains orders within the US. There is no shipping fee involved whatever state in the US you are in. if you wish to purchase the products of Joy Organics but you are outside of the country, you can still avail their products from accredited third-party resellers.

In case you are reasonably unsatisfied with their products, you can ask for a refund as long as you return the product within 30 days starting from the purchasing period. If valid, you will be entitled for a full refund.

Final Verdict On Joy Organics

Base on the Joy Organics reviews, their products are what the company has claimed. They contain the amount of CBD indicated on the list of ingredients and their transparency of their process and test results added more to their validity.

The company also has an official website, making it very easy to purchase online. Furthermore, the money-back policy is a reflection of the company’s confidence in the products and the dedication to provide only the best.

Nevertheless, CBD products will always have numerous legal battles about scientific and medical claims and Joy Organics are not immune to that. So far, there are no reported casualties from consuming or using the company’s CBD products. Overall, Joy Organics is a highly recommendable CBD brand.

About the author

Upon completing her education at Princeton, having pursued a science course, she develops a passion for CBD products. It was her frequent depression that made her focus on the potential of CBD. She receives healing after using the CBD products, and she later decides to dedicate her time to educate people about the potentials of CBD. Amy now works in a CBD company writing articles about the CBD brands, the brand highlights, and brand products. Amy loves football, and she spends the weekends watching famous football leagues, including the English premier league.

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