Privacy Policy

Welcome to privacy policy that describes how it will use the personal data they gather from you when you visit their website using the devices such as computers, phones, and any other browsing devices. Our privacy policy will give you details about how we use, process, and disclose personal data.

The Categories of Data that Mazehemp Will Collect from Users

Mazehemp Will Ask the Following Data from Users;

  1. Identity Data; Name and Surname
  2. The l Contact information like phone number, email, state
  3. Third-party accounts data such as the social media profile, friends list, birthday, Apple ID
  4. The technical address such as IP address, browser type, geolocation
  5. Language and identifying information
  6. The data about your operating system and application version
  7. Device types and models
  8. Device identifiers

The information that Mazehemp will collect from you when using their service

  • Our service will collect identity data, contact, and third-party accounts data when you are registering in the service.
  • Our site will contain the identity and contact data when applying for an MMJ card.
  • You may want to subscribe to our newsletter, and we shall collect your contact data.
  • When you create an account in a social media platform such as Facebook, we need your third-party account information.
  • Our service will be collecting technical Data when using the Mazehemp site. The personal data that our service will collect are voluntarily given, such as the customer comments and any other information that users will share through our site.
  • Our website will not engage in any activity involving selling the personal data fetched from the users.

How Protects, Retains and Transfers Data.

Our website may process the data they have about you in the affiliate websites of Mazehemp. All the data are processed in our operating offices, which locates in the United States. Our websites take responsibility to ensure the safety of all data that they collect from users.

We are keen on misuse, unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, loss, and destruction. To safeguard your interest as our esteemed customer, we put technical, physical, and administrative measures to ensure that all the data from our users do not leak or are exposed to any questionable activity.

Our website employs privacy-enhancing technologies such as encryption. We do this by ensuring confidentiality, integrity ad availability of the system and services whenever you need them. As much as we try to safeguard your data, we are aware of cyber-crimes, and we may not guarantee 100% safety of your data.

Our website will retain your data as long as you remain active in their service. Your data will also remain within our systems when you are subscribed to our newsletter. When you contact us, we shall retain your data for not more than three years from the last day of your contact. This instance excludes the technical Data that are often deleted when the session expires. The technical data are only applicable during the sessions and will be deleted afterward.

How Mazehemp Uses the Data, They Collect from You.

The information that we collect from our users will be helpful in the following ways;

  • We use your data to provide a personalized experience to our customers.
  • The Data we have is valuable in improvement strategies.
  • We use the available information to develop new products and services.
  • When we want to customize the advertisements, we deliver them to you in a content form.
  • The information we have about you will help us in providing the services that you request.
  • We use your contact information to send newsletters, promotional materials, and any related service. We may also use it for other marketing purposes.
  • will use your data to contact you when necessary when you have queries about our services.
  • The available Data in our service plays a role when we are protecting against potentially fraudulent activities.
  • The information we have is helpful for us to protect our rights and your rights as a user.

Our website will also use the information that you provide to us to verify your geographic location. Your geographic Data will help us personalize our services, recommend content, or even determine if the information you are requesting in our service is available in your geographical location. In instances where the Data is

Instances When Will Share Your Data

The following instances may warrant our service to share your information as follows;

  • Our website has affiliate service providers, and our website relies on them to fulfill specific provisions for our clients. Our service providers will also be helpful when performing particular assignments concerning the use of our site. We obtain particular services from service providers, including hosting service, network security services, customer support, technical support, quality assurance, and tracking systems. We may seek other service functions from third parties are analytics, notification campaigns, and reporting functions. We will share your information with these third parties to be able to complete your requests. The third-party will be sharing the information they know about you when they are achieving your requests. In instances where such third parties have subsidiaries, such communication may be shared with them. It may not necessarily be the subsidiaries but any other company with a joint operation, such as a collaborative venture firm with control over the same company. The sharing of such information with third parties aims to improve our services, improve service delivery, and make our site accessible and user-friendly.
  • Our website may share personal information with contractors and service providers. The service providers play a crucial role in our services, such as lawyers, bankers, insurers, auditors, and other interested parties. Al the third-party service providers ensure that clients are accorded with the best service by providing that the service they demand is made available to them in a most convenient manner. The service providers ensure safe and smooth performance according to a smooth run of requests. The service providers serve in safeguarding the legitimate interest of the clients by providing our clients slick site running and executing rights that engulf our site and clients according to the terms of service.
  • Transmitting the data to a third party is not explicitly permissible in the law. Still, our privacy policy makes it acceptable in that you will agree to work according to our privacy policy. Our data transmission is based on the necessity to have a smooth running of events on our site. We may also transmit your data to law enforcement agencies under a direct order from such agencies.

You agree through our privacy policy that we may, if necessary, transmit your data to legitimate law enforcement effects, criminal prosecution interests, and other related events. The data transmission process may not be essential if a preliminary legal or law enforcement is initialized or in force.

Other Instances That May Necessitate Disclosure Of Your Information Includes;

  • Response to a legal process: our website will disclose your information in compliance with the law, a judicial proceeding, court order, or any other legal process.
  • Business transfers: our company will disclose your information under instances of business mergers through affiliates and joint ventures. We also disclose information when there is a sale of an asset or a transfer to another company. The data from our clients will be transferred to the acquiring company as part of the business process. We shall share your information with auditors, lenders, and third-party advisors.
  • Protecting our interest and your interests: Mazehemp will disclose information when they believe it is appropriate to prevent, investigate or even take action against any illegal activity, suspected fraud, and situations that involve potential threats. We also disclose information in the instance of violation of our terms of services.
  • Aggregate and DE-identified information: our website can share anonymized user information with third parties for advertising, marketing, and research.

How Mazehemp Will Disclose Your Information

Mazehemp will disclose your information under;

  • With your consent or under your direction.
  • Our website can share your information with others who are performing services on your behalf, i.e., in instances where you make a call or even receive a message in response to the service you request.
  • Our website will share information with third-party service providers when fulfilling your requests. The request will vary, ranging from technical to product services.
  • Mazehemp can also share your information when they believe it necessary to do so. It can be In response to the law or compliance with a court order, a judicial order, or a subpoena.
  • We may share your personal information when we believe it is in the company’s interest to prevent liability, fraudulence, rights infringement, abuse, unlawful practices, or misuse of property or personal safety.

Third-Party Links

Our website contains links to third parties. If a link directs you to another website, you will be under the privacy policy of such websites. Our website has no control over such third-party links. You should, therefore, check their privacy policy to get insights into how such websites handle privacy issues. Mazehemp will not be responsible for any damages that you may incur when you visit such sites.

Cookies, Web Beacons, And Third Party Analytics Policy

Mazehemp uses cookies, web beacons, and URL information when collecting information regarding the date and time when clients visit our websites. It also gives us information about the information you searched and the pages you entered. Cookies are text files that our website will place on your computer or a browsing device when you consent to it. The cookies we use will not cause any security impact because we make it our priority to safeguard our website. We may use both session and persistent cookies depending on the nature of the information that we are targeting concerning our users.

Cookies help us provide a more interactive experience to our consumers because we fetch information concerning your interest. We customize our services to give you a better experience. More information on how Google uses the data from cookies is available from If you are not happy with cookies, you should consult your browser and toggle off the cookies settings in your browser. When you choose to delete or turn off cookies, your experience on our website will not be pleasant. You will miss out on some vital features that will have somewhat enhanced your user experience.

Web beacons are also available on our website. These are digital images that will be useful when logging information on the site and emails. Web beacons help us mane cookies, count the number of visits, and learn if our marketing strategies are working for us. Web beacons will also tell us if our users are opening the emails that we sent to them.

Other relevant Third parties that the privacy policy acknowledges are our third-party analytic providers and advertising partners such as Adsense. The parties may collect consumer data basing on the users’ online activities across different websites. Mazehemp will not be responsible for such third parties. You should review their privacy policies before deciding on what happens to their practices.

Data Safety and Transfer

Our company hires several affiliate sites to help in discharging our customer requests. All the data information from our users is available on the companies’ servers that we hire to discharge our duties. Our company takes reasonable administrative and physical responsibility to protect our consumers’ data. We help protect against loss, authorized access, and Disclosure without consent.

While we make it our top priority to enhance your data safety, we acknowledge extreme events that may compromise data safety. We are aware of the cyber crimes that are now affecting data safety in all companies. We strive to upgrade our systems to gap such risks. Still, we cannot guarantee 100% data security if your responsibility is to choose a unique password that will be an uphill for hackers to tamper with your personal information.

Our Policy Statement Towards The Underage

Our website strictly adheres to age consent. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from the parties below the age of consent. When kids are using their phone or a laptop and support to age, parents should take responsibility to contact us, and we shall remove such information from our servers. We remove any data that is shared with us against our age consent instruction.

Every data processing that Mazehemp does to the clients’ information is subject to general data protection regulation. We rely on the consent that you will give to us once you visit our sites. We may also process your information that relates to your personal information in direct marketing practices. You reserve the right to object to our marketing service accessible through your account.

The Information Choices

Mazehemp gives all their customers direct rights to opt-out from receiving promotional messages, emails, and other marketing strategies. We will stop sending promotional messages to your email once you were opt-out. However, you will still receive non-promotional notifications in your email. Non- promotional messages here may include our ongoing business relations.

We will also send you emails when you send requests concerning our services. It may have but is not limited to the contact preferences, deletions of data, information about the contents you post, or even when you request an opt-out from sharing your personal information with third parties. Notably, a request to delete your personal information or content is not a comprehensive process because our systems will still retain them in instances you want to retrieve them.

Our website will give the consumers the following choices when they visit our sites. We give you the options about the use of tracking mechanisms, such as tracking your online activities. This may be a period certain period, or even across different websites on other third parties.

You should note that most websites set cookies in default, and you will always consent to use cookies once you enter their website. If you are not interested in cookies, you can always choose the set your browser to reject cookies from your webs browser. Your decision to remove cookies is independent, but you should be ready to miss out on some critical features in the website.

Our website will also allow you to opt-out of google analytics. You can do this by downloading a google analytics opt-out browser add-on. There are other google opt-out procedures that you can follow from the Google opt-out page. Our website will also give you a choice to opt-out of cookies shared by our third-party advertising partners while working to tailor bets services that serve your interests.

Our website works to enhance that you get the best benefits out of all the practices they do. Still, you have all the right to deny anything that works against you, provided that this policy statement approves the actions you take.

When you decline to share certain information with, you may not be able t access certain services from our website. Such decisions are solely yours, and our website will not force you to consent, but they only tailor their services according to the terms of use. You will only consent to it by adhering to their procedural requirements. Please find the details that Mazehemp has about you by sending a request to them through their contact page.

Notice To EEA Based Users

The EEA-based users will have to consider the following notice concerning the processing of the personally identifiable data. We follow the following legal basis.

  1. Consent basis: we process your personally identifiable data to make it possible to register for an MMJ card through the Mazehemp site or a mobile app site.
  2. We may process your data for legitimate interests. It may not be possible if the goods are overridden by the users’ interests or fundamental rights and freedoms. The rights and freedom may need data protection, and therefore, we may not process such data. The legitimate interest will be liberties when provisioning our site and mobile app. We need diagnostics analytics to access the posts, visitors, page views, and reviews for further optimization. We may need a legitimate interest in data processing when optimizing our visitors’ experience when preventing cyber-bullying and fraud. Such provisions will also be necessary when we ensure network and information security, analyze customer satisfaction, and provide information to ensure sound management of customers and better customer support.
  3. We may also make recommendations and suggestions regarding online events and any other services that our website considers best for you through the platform that may interest you.

You will have to be a subject to European economic area or the united kingdom to enjoy the following rights.

  • Rights to limitation of processing
  • Rights to rectification
  • The right to data portability
  • Right of access
  • Right to object or restrict the use of personal data.

To execute your rights, you can send your request to us through our contact page. You will need to fill a written request that contains a minimum of the information below;

  1. Name, postal address, email address, and any other data that will identify you as a natural person.
  2. You will need to give a detailed description of your request.
  3. Signature, date, correspondence address, and mobile number are also necessary. upholds the rights to comply or refuse to comply based on their findings following this privacy policy. The information is often free, though you will be charged a reasonable fee in instances of unfounded information, repetitive, or excessive issues.

Once you fill the request, you must attach the notarized power of an attorney in your request. When the person who should exercise the control is dead, their heir can exercise such a right by providing their certificate attached to the request.

Mazehemp will review and pronounce the request within a month of the filling. We reserve the right to extend the processing of such a request even for two months when we believe we still need more clarification on some issues. Our support will notify you concerning any delays. In instances where your request is unfounded or is prohibited by the law, our company has a right to deny such a request.

Our company is ready to uphold the rule of law, and we permit our clients to exercise their rights when they feel that their rights are violated. You can exercise your right of defense.

California Privacy Rights

The California consumer privacy act applies to us. You will notice that the California consumer privacy act will apply to some of our privacy policies on personal information, which is subject to the law. Our website does not sell your data, and you can get insights into the contents of the California consumer privacy act. You can request your personal information processed under the last 12 months with regards to the CCPA. It is possible to make such a request twice within 12 months. For your consumer data to be verified, you need to disclose sufficient to allow us to identify you as a person. Your verifiable consumer data should also contain a description of the rights you want to execute. Our website will not respond to your request unless the Data you provide is verifiable.

Upon verifying you as a consumer, we may do the following;

  • We may disclose categories of sources for personal data we collect about you.
  • Our website may additionally disclose an identifiable personal confirmation that they collected about you.
  • Our website may delete your personally identifiable Data subject to specific provisions.

Upon confirming verifiable consumer requests, we delete the records from our files unless such information is necessary for our service providers. We may reconsider it if such information is essential for our service providers to complete your request. We may also review it if we need to protect our service or prosecute the responsible people for such illegal activities.

We will also not delete it if we need to exercise the right of speech or when ensuring the right of another consumer to exercise their free speech rights. Our site may also not rush in deleting if it is part of the compliance practices for a legal obligation or when they are making an internal and lawful use of such information.

You can send your verifiable consumer requests to our site. We respond to your verifiable consumer requests within 45 days of receipt. If we need more time to process your request, our support team will notify you about the inconvenience. This information is free of charge unless you are fond of repetition or unfounded claims.

Mazehemp Notice to Nevada users

Our website does not conduct the sale of personal information. Nevada residents may submit a special request asking our website not to sell personal data about them if our practices change in the future. You can email our support team through our contact page with the subject “Nevada: request to opt-out.”

Changes And Updates To Our Privacy Policy

Mazehemp reserves the right to update the privacy policy from time to time as it pleases them. We may not wish to find our users offcut. That is why we note the day of the update to help you stay with current policies. We can also share the details of the policy changes when you share the contact information with us. Our website retains your rights to object to data processing practices and the replacement of data controllers subcontractors and sub-processors who will be handling your data.

Dispute Resolution

In some instances, you may feel that Mazehemp is not living up there promise. You can contact us through our contact page, and we shall do our best to ensure that we address your complaints. Feel free anytime to contact us again when you feel we did not correctly handle your issue.

Maze Hemp Contact Information

Don’t hesitate to contact us or post your comments on our website through your account when you have questions or issues. You can comment on everything from our policy, your Data, third-party disclosure practices, and the consent choices.