What is CBD?

What Is CBD? Everything You Need to Know

Given that the use of CBD and its benefits have only been introduced recently, some people still find using the substance daunting. Some people ask, “Will CBD get you high?” on the web just to make sure the substance is 100 percent safe to use. This guide will break down everything you need to know about CBD.

What Is CBD?

CBD is the acronym used for the term cannabidiol. It is a chemical compound extracted from the hemp plant or also known as the Cannabis sativa. Although CBD is one of the major components of medical marijuana, this substance is directly derived from hemp, a plant considered as marijuana’s cousin. Moreover, although CBD is among the hundreds of components found in marijuana, this substance by itself will not get you high.

Cannabidiol is a natural substance used in making products such as edibles and oils to deliver the sensation of calmness and relaxation. This substance affects the brain and is believed to help improve overall mental function.

However, CBD can’t be included in medicinal products that are advertised with therapeutic claims. On the other hand, it can be included in cosmetic products wherein the THC content is not more than 0.3%.

THC (9-tetrahydrocannabinol ), which is considered cannabidiol’s cousin, is the main active ingredient in Cannabis sativa. The main difference between CBD vs. THC is that THC is considered psychoactive, while CBD is not.

Moreover, there are still several dietary supplement products these days that contain cannabidiol. The dosage of CBD in these products is not often reported accurately based on the product’s label.

How Does CBD Work on Our Body?

As mentioned, CBD is known for its effects on the brain. However, the reason for it is still not apparent. Cannabidiol is observed to aid in preventing the chemical breakdown in the brain, which affects mood, pain, and mental function. The prevention of the chemical breakdown in the brain and boosting its levels is seen to diminish psychotic symptoms that are associated with medical conditions, including schizophrenia.

Cannabidiol can also block several psychotic effects of THC. Additionally, CBD is also known for its ability to reduce anxiety and pain.

Moreover, CBD’s positive effects on the brain are ideally being used these days for therapeutic purposes. Aside from treating several epilepsy forms, cannabidiol is also effective for managing stress, depression, anxiety, as well as several physical ailments.

CBD can also reduce pain too. This substance affects the TRPV1; it blocks the pain signals and prevents them from affecting the rest of the body.

Lastly, the human body has a biological system called the endocannabinoid system. This system consists of three significant components called endocannabinoids, enzymes, and receptors. These three components play essential roles in the effects of cannabidiol on the body for much of its duration while staying in your body. Furthermore, it is to be noted that the endocannabinoid system will function regardless of whether you use CBD or not.

Why Should You Take CBD?

Below is a list of the known benefits of CBD:

It helps Relieve Pain

Recently, many scientists have identified that specific marijuana components, such as cannabidiol, can help relieve pain.

Based on a study, CBD can reduce chronic pain by influencing the endocannabinoid’s receptor activity, thus reducing inflammation while cooperating with the neurotransmitters.

The National Institutes of Health is also studying the role of cannabidiol in relieving the symptoms caused by chronic pain, arthritis, muscle pain, menstrual pain, and spinal cord injuries.

It can help Manage Depression and Anxiety

Nowadays, more and more people suffering from anxiety and depression are using cannabidiol oil products to cope with their mental ailments. Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental disorders that deliver devastating impacts on a person’s well-being.

This capability of cannabidiol oil is heavily linked to its ability to influence the brain’s receptor’s response to serotonin, a chemical neurotransmitter that manages social behavior and mood.

It helps Alleviate Cancer Symptoms

The use of cannabidiol is believed to help diminish the symptoms related to cancer as well as the side effects of cancer treatments. Cannabidiol has also been discovered to help alleviate the most common effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients, such as nausea and vomiting.

Although there are several drugs that cancer patients can take to alleviate the distressing symptoms of cancer and its treatments, they are sometimes inefficient, thus leading many people to resort to alternatives.

It May Help In Getting Rid of Acne

CBD is widely known for its ability to influence brain receptors that can help diminish inflammation. As a result, it may offer several advantages for diminishing the appearance of acne in the skin.

Based on a study by the Journal of Clinical Investigation, CBD oil prevents the activity in the sebaceous glands responsible for sebum production. Although sebum is essential for the skin’s hydration, too much of it may develop acne.

It Helps Boost Heart Health

CBD use is also known to benefit the circulatory system and the heart. It can lower blood pressure, thus, decreasing one’s risk of acquiring heart ailments. On the other hand, high blood pressure is heavily linked to fatal health ailments such as heart attack, stroke, and metabolic syndrome. Moreover, studies show that cannabidiol can help regulate high blood pressure.

It Helps to Maintain Proper Sleep Patterns

Cannabidiol is also known to offer calming effects, which causes the user to have a better sleep at night. Many CBD products come with melatonin with boosts the process further. To find out the actual effectiveness of CBD with sleep disorders and insomnia, many types of research are still ongoing. Nevertheless, just for a trial, it is worth giving this a go for sleep problems.

It Has Neuroprotective Properties

Scientists believe that the influence of CBD on the endocannabinoid system as well as the other cognitive signaling systems can potentially benefit those people who have neurological disorders.

A cannabidiol oral spray, Sativex has proven an effective and safe way to diminish muscle spasticity among patients with multiple sclerosis. Furthermore, cannabidiol has been widely studied for its potential benefits in treating several other forms of neurological diseases.

It Can Possibly Treat Several Forms of Epilepsy

CBD has recently been discovered as one of the possible treatments for several forms of epilepsy. Although the studies relating to the use of cannabidiol for epilepsy treatment, the substance shows massive potential in reducing the number of seizure attacks among people with epilepsy. Cannabidiol offers hope for treating seizure disorders, and researchers are working hard to develop a way to use the substance as a treatment most effectively and safely.

What Is CBD and How Does It Work

How is CBD Used?

To maximize the benefits of using CBD, follow these tips on how to use it properly.

Set your goals for using CBD

Before you start using CBD, you need to set a clear goal on how you want the substance to benefit you. Focusing on a particular goal will help you determine the right product and the appropriate dosage for you.

Ask yourself what benefits you would like to get from using this substance. Do you want to improve your mental health? Do you want to reduce the pain caused by arthritis?

Choose the Right Product to use

Depending on how and where you want to use cannabidiol, you will find several appropriate products for various purposes. If you want to reduce your acne through the use of cannabidiol, then you can find topical treatments that contain CBD oil. On the other hand, if you want to use CBD to relieve depression and anxiety, cannabidiol drops or vaporizers would be the appropriate products to use.

Know the Right time Frame for CBD Usage

Here are several examples of how people are using cannabidiol products:

  1. Arthritic pain: 1 to 3 times a day for oral CBD oral drops
  2. Anxiety: 1 to 3 times a day for oral CBD oral drops and as needed for vaporizers
  3. Sexual pleasure: Topical spray on the vulva as desired

Determine the Right Dosage of CBD for you

The effectiveness of each CBD use method varies from one person to another. It is highly recommended that you start with small doses so that you won’t react negatively to the product’s ingredients. You can try out a small puff of the vaporizer or a couple of drops of an oral supplement.

Find a Reputable Manufacturer

Once you determined your goals and figured out the proper dosage for you, your next step is to find reputable CBD brands and sources.

Is It Safe?

Although CBD is proven to be an effective anti-seizure treatment, further research is still required to prove the safety and other benefits of CBD. The only CBD-based medical product that the FDA currently approves is Epidiolex.

Is It Legal?

The substance is considered federally legal regarding CBD legality so long as the product’s THC content is not more than 0.3 percent. However, some states have implemented restrictions on the purchase of CBD. For example, in Virginia, people can only buy and own cannabidiol products if they have a doctor’s prescription.


Now that you know the facts and benefits of cannabidiol, you should start setting your goals and determining the right product for you before you buy CBD products.

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